Since 1954, Carbodiam is a Belgian manufacturer of Diamond Tools. We combine our know-how and expertise to meet your requirements by providing innovative tools and machines. By developing, through the years, a distribution network in more than 50 countries spread over 4 continents, our partners are permanently on call.

    2003 – 2009
  • New House Style and Web Site
  • Product diversification:
      Extension of the machine range
      Introduction of the wire range
  • Inventions and Patents
      TURBO START: a range with an optimal geometry for an easy start-up of the tool
      INCISOR: new range of high-output laser discs capable of cutting any materials, including steel
      SHARKOR: fast drilling range SHARKOR with easy start-up
      ALLIGATOR: a range of wall saw blades giving high output and optimal use
  • Geographical diversification
      Russia, Ukraine, Japan
    2000 – 2002
  • Inventions and Patents
      RAPTOR cup wheel: (Innovation Gold Medal at Batimat 2001) in a single operation, rectifies the concrete base and eliminates glue and epoxy coatings
      FLEXOR: drilling segments adaptable to all diameters for a quick and easy retipping on the job sites
  • Geographical diversification
    1998 – 2000
  • Inventions and Patents
      Granite Segments height 22mm for blades from Ø 2,5 to 3,5m
      SIMPLY: economical cup wheel for concrete grinding
  • Geographical diversification
      United States, Poland, Dubaï
    1996 – 1997
  • Application of ISO 9002 standards in addition to the DSA standards
  • Introduction of machine range
  • Inventions and Patents
      BOOMY: cup wheel Ø 125mm specially shaped for enhanced dust suction by 30%
      QUICK-FIT: round segments screwed on to calibration plate
      JUMBO blades: height 10mm, professional range for granite / concrete / abrasive stones
    Geographical diversification
      Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Czech Republic, North Africa, Latin America
  • Development of the “granite” range
      Blades Ø 600mm Segments for large discs up to 3m
      Mass production for key accounts and machines manufacturers
  • Geographical diversification
      Founded Carbodiam Germany
      Mexico and India
    1970 – 1990
  • Product diversification
      Addition of new construction range to the existing tools for natural stone and refractory products
  • Inventions and Patents
      ZIG-ZAG® segments
      TURBO worldwide manufacturing success of “Turbo” dry cutting blades
      LASER WELDING CARBODIAM is the pioneer of “laser welding”
      SURFACING HEADS Ø250 for polishing concrete
  • Geographical diversification
      Founded Carbodiam France
      United Kingdom, Denmark, Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria
    1960 – 1965
  • Opening up to the export market
    Founded in 1954